Real Property Records

The Real Property Records include transfers of ownership, liens, leases, assignments, judgments, and any other type of document having to do with real property. Also recorded are UCC Financing Statements on certain types of personal property loans, mining records, powers of attorney, agreements, and numerous other documents.

Upon acceptance of the documents and the proper recording fee (see fee schedule), the documents are key entered into a multi-reference index system. The documents are then optically scanned, and an archival silver film is created for archive storage. The index and the images of the documents are available to the public during business hours.

You may search the Recorder’s data base from 1986 through the present. The Recorder also files subdivision maps and record of survey maps. For recording and other fees please refer to our fee schedule An Arizona Affidavit of Property Value is required for any transfer, unless it falls under one of the exemptions allowed by law. The fee for filing the Affidavit is $2.00. The Affidavit must accompany the Deed to be recorded.