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The La Paz County Building and Safety Department is responsible for regulating development activity and land use within the unincorporated areas of La Paz County. Obtaining the necessary permits is the first step in ensuring your development activity is successful.

The value and safety of your structure rely heavily on obtaining a building permit prior to construction. A building permit is your reassurance that your building plans, as well as the structure you build, will be inspected for minimum code safety.


Printable Building Permit Application

Applications for Building Permits, including electrical, plumbing, mechanical, grading, and demolition permits shall be made to the Building Inspector at the Community Development Department. Applications shall be accompanied by a site plan indicating the lot, parcel, or tract identifying the location where the work will be performed. The Building Inspector may issue a “stop work” order for work not consistent with the plans and site plan submitted. Permits shall not be issued for structures not conforming to the requirements of these Zoning Regulations.

Mobile Home & Manufactured Home Placement Application

1.  If the home was manufactured before June 15, 1980 it cannot be placed anywhere in La Paz County.
A.  Arizona law requires that “A person shall not occupy or otherwise use a mobile home which has been brought into this state or move a mobile home from one mobile home park in this state to another mobile home park in this state unless it meets the standards pursuant to this chapter and displays the proper state Rehabilitation Certificate” (A.R.S.§41-4048,C).

Developers/Contractors Statement

A.R.S.§32.1121A.6 requires "Developer's" who intend to sell or rent the property within one year to utilize licensed general contractors for all new construction. Improvements to structures or appurtenances for sale or rent must be performed by a licensed general contractor or licensed specialty contractor. To qualify for this exemption, the licensed contractor's names and license numbers shall be included in all sales documents.

Demolition Permit

Grading Permit

2006 International Building Code J103.1 Permits required. Except as exempted in Section J103.2, no grading shall be performed without first having obtained a permit therefor from the building official. A grading permit does not include the construction of retaining walls or other structures.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors

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