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Bid Number: #RFP-01-20
Bid Title: Payroll Related Agreed Upon Procedures #RFP-01-20
Category: RFPs and RPQs
Status: Open
Additional Status Information: The RFP award date has been moved from 11-25 to 12-17


La Paz County Arizona Request For Proposals

Payroll Related Agreed Upon Procedures


NOTICE:  The RFP award date has been moved from 11-25 to 12-17

Response to Questions

Question #1:

Please confirm the number of payroll events that are required to be reviewed. Based on the information provided in the proposal we calculate approximately 3,900 payroll events will need to be reviewed. (50 employees x 26 pay periods x 3 years).


This estimate is correct.


Question #2:

Please provide the source record for time worked, overtime, holiday pay and comp time. Are these physical records or records in an electronic format? Can an example be provided?


The time worked for each pay period is in an electronic format.

The original paper time sheets that were hand entered into the payroll program are boxed in storage.


Question #3:

     Can the sick and vacation accrual policies in place for the 3 year period be provided?




Question #4:

Are the Personal Action Forms to be utilized available in an electronic format or will these be paper          form only? Can an example of the form be provided?


The PAF are in paper format.


Question #5:

To what extent are the records and payroll information to be used for the procedures available in electronic format?


The hours worked were entered into the payroll system and available in electronic format.


Question #6:

 Is the expectation that the majority of the procedures be performed on-site at the County or is the County able to provide records to allow for remote performance of the procedures?


We can scan and provide the documents in PDF form to allow for remote performance of the procedures. 

Example RPF (PDF)

Publication Date/Time:
10/29/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
The RFP award date has been moved from 11-25 to 12-17
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