Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits are required for any work being done within any La Paz County Right-of-Way, such as utility installation or maintenance and repair, driveways, grading, fence removal or replacement, etc. 

Encroachment permits for any work within a La Paz County ROW are issued by La Paz County Public Works only.

Applications, with drawings of projects or site plans, should be submitted to our office PRIOR to starting work. Once received, our staff will work diligently to ensure the project is researched, a field review is completed, and permits are issued within a reasonable timeframe. Once approved, work may begin. Upon completion, a final inspection is performed to close the project and ensure the work was properly accomplished per state and/or county specifications. (please see the Resources & Design Guidelines tab to the left for this information)

If an encroachment permit is needed:

1. Download the application first (linked in the column to the right), then open it using Adobe, Inc. Opens in new windowAdobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Fill it out in its entirety. Provide as much detail as possible to help us complete your permit as swiftly as possible.

3. Click the "submit by email" button located within the application. If you are unable to submit this way, you can: 1) print it, fill it out, scan it, then email it to the email addresses below; or 2) mail it via USPS to the mailing address listed below.

Please note that payment must be received before the application can be processed. If you are unsure of the amount to pay, we will provide that information once we've reviewed the application. We accept cash, check/money order, and debit and credit card (payment portal is linked in the column to the right). DO NOT MAIL CASH, that must be delivered in person. Please keep in mind that ALL permits include a $35.00 Base Permit Fee and a $5.00 Application fee, in addition to the fees for the type of encroachment being applied for. 

Processing usually has a very short turnaround time, depending on the scale of the project. Once approved, you will receive your permit with all pertinent details. Do not start work until you have received this. Any work done without a permit will receive a fee of double the permit fee.

Applications can be mailed or emailed to:

LPC Public Works | PO Box 3580 | Parker, AZ 85344


dbraska@lapazcountyaz.org , mschwaner@lapazcountyaz.org , and nbierbrodt@lapazcountyaz.org


There is a service fee of 2.95% of the payment amount or a minimum fee of $1.95, depending on the dollar amount, for all payments made using a debit or credit card.