Am I allowed to construct in Flood Hazard Areas?

104.10.1 Flood hazard areas. For existing buildings
located in flood hazard areas for which repairs, alterations
and additions constitute substantial improvement, the code
official shall not grant modifications to provisions related to
flood resistance unless a determination is made that:
1. The applicant has presented good and sufficient cause
that the unique characteristics of the size, configuration
or topography of the site render compliance with
the flood-resistant construction provisions inappropriate.
2. Failure to grant the modification would result in
exceptional hardship.
3. The granting of the modification will not result in
increased flood heights, additional threats to public
safety, extraordinary public expense nor create nuisances'
cause fraud on or victimization of the public
or conflict with existing laws or ordinances.
4. The modification is the minimum necessary to afford
relief, considering the flood hazard.
5. A written notice will be provided to the applicant
specifying, if applicable, the difference between the
design flood elevation and the elevation to which the
building is to be built, stating that the cost of flood
insurance will be commensurate with the increased
risk resulting from the reduced floor elevation and
that construction below the design flood elevation
increases risks to life and property.

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